Contents of Volumes Published to Date




Howard Weinbrot, Celts, Greeks, and Germans: Macpherson's Ossian and the Celtic Epic”
Vincent Carretta, "'Petticoats in Power': Catherine the Great in British Political Cartoon" (Winner of the Percy Adams Prize)
Patricia M. Brueckmann, "'Paradice it selfe': Hugh Cressy and Church Unity"
Alexander Pettit, "Anxiety, Political Rhetoric, and Historical Drama under Walpole"
Eleanor Ty, "Jane West's Feminine Ideals of the 1790s"
Mark Pedreira, "Johnsonian Figures: Copia and Lockean Observation in Samuel Johnson's Critical Writings"
Roger D. Lund, "'Kickshews of Similitude': Hobbes and the Subterfuge of Style"
Joel Weinsheimer, "The Philosophy of Rhetoric in Campbell's Philosophy of Rhetoric"
Nicholas Hudson, "Gulliver's Travels and Locke's Radical Nominalism"
Alan T. McKenzie, "'I have before me the idea of a dove': Bringing Motion to Mind in Burke's A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful"
Barbara M. Benedict, "The 'Beauties' of Literature, 1750-1820: Tasteful Prose and Fine Rhyme for Private Consumption"
Irwin Primer, "Lord Forbes of Pitsligo and the Maxims of La Rochefoucauld"
Colby Kullman, "Appreciating Gall: Boswell's Frank Wit"


Robert Purks Maccubbin, "Enacting the Tyranny of Social Forms in Sheridan's The Rivals"
Anna Battigelli, "Between the Glass and the Hand: The Eye in Margaret Cavendish's Blazing World"
Russell B. Gill, "The Intuitive Geometry of Vermeer"
Mark S. Lussier, "Eternal Dictates: The 'Other' of Blakean Inspiration"
Todd C. Parker, "Onania: Self-Pollution and the Danger of Female Sexuality"
Mark Houlahan, "Leviathan (1651): Thomas Hobbes and Protestant Apocalypse"
Charles Hinnant, "'The Late Unfortunate Regicide in France': Burke and the Political Sublime"
Fania Oz-Salzberger, "National Identity in Scotland and Germany in the Late Eighteenth Century: Affinities, Impact, and Divergences"
James Gregory Randall, "'The Primrose Way': John Bunyan's The Life and Death of Mr. Badman and the Picaresque"
Martha Bowden, "Composing Herself: Music, Solitude, and St. Cecilia in Clarissa"
Peter Wagner, "How to Misread Hogarth: Or, Ekphrasis Galore"
Mark A. Pedreira, "Johnsonian Figures: A Cornucopia of Vanity, Idleness, and Death in Samuel Johnson's Prose Writings"
John Freeman, "The Spirit of Poetry and the Importance of Joy: Shelley's Revolutionary Animism"
James Woelfel, "The Christian Humanism of Anne Bronte"


Michael F. Suarez, SJ, "The Shortest Way to Heaven? Moll Flanders' Repentance Reconsidered"
Laura J. Rosenthal, "The Author as Ghost in the Eighteenth Century"
Katherine Kerestman, "Breaking the Shackles of the Great Chain of Being and Liberating Compassion in the Eighteenth Century"
Kathleen M. Swaim, "Matching the 'Matchless Orinda' to her Times"
David Gunto, "Kicking the Emperor: Some Problems of Restoration Parallel History"
A. C. Elias, Jr., "Editing Minor Writers: The Case of Laetitia Pilkington and Mary Barber"
Special Feature: "The Generations of Georgia State"
Carl R. Kropf, "The Terrible Mother Archetype: The Case of Pope's Dulness and Other Women in Eighteenth-Century Texts
Murray L. Brown, "Robert Browning's 'In a Gondola': Sources and Circumstances"
Sandra Sherman, "'New-Nothings: Neologisms and the Recoinage of 1696"
Theodore E. D. Braun, "Truth, Beauty, Harmony, Order, and Muscularity in Le Franc de Pompignan's Poesies Sacrees
Mihaela Irimia, "Defoe and Cantemir: Eighteenth-Century Explorers, West and East"
Jochen Achilles, "Composite Dis(Order): Cultural Identity in Wieland, Edgar Huntley, and Arthur Gordon Pym"
Gregory Maertz, "The Transmission of German Literature and Dissenting Voices in British Culture: Thomas Holcroft and the Godwin Circle"
Syndy M. Conger, "A Kantian Sublime in Shelley: 'Respect for our Own Vocation" in an Indifferent Universe"


Simon Varey, "Three Necessary Drugs"
Timothy Morton, "The Pulses of the Body: Romantic Vegetarianism and its Contexts"
Melvyn New, "Benjamin Whichcote's Aphorisms and the Importance of Latitudinarianism"
Blakey Vermeule, "Shame and Identity: Pope's 'Critique of Judgment' in An Essay on Criticism
Bern Krysmanski, "Hogarth's A Rake's Progress: An 'Anti-Passion' in Disguise"
George McElroy, "Reading Burke's Rhetoric"
Special Feature edited by James Thorson: Jonathan Swift: The New Tradition
James L. Thorson, "Feature Editor's Introduction"
Robert Mahoney, "Swift's Modest Proposal and the Rhetoric of Irish Colonial Consumption"
William J. Foreman, "Swift's Twists: A Case for Metaphor"
Louise K. Barnett, "Betty's Freckled Neck: Swift, Women, and Women Readers"
Frank Boyle, "Old Poetry and New Science: Swift, Cowley, and Modernity"
Julia Goldberg, "Houyhnhnm Subtext: Moral Conclusions and Linguistic Manipulation inGulliver's Travels"
Todd Parker, "Swift's 'A Description of a City Shower': The Epistemological Force of Filth"
Special Feature Edited by D. N. DeLuna: "The Yale Poems on Affairs of State
Thirty-Five Years Later"
D. N. DeLuna, "Feature Editor's Introduction"
Stephen N. Zwicker, Poems on Affairs of State (London, 1689-1716 and New Haven, 1963-1975)"
George DeForest Lord, "The History of the State Poems"
James A. Winn, "Imitation and Authorship in Poems on Affairs of State"
D. N. DeLuna, "Yale's Poetasting Defoe"
Michael McKeon, "What were Poems on Affairs of State?"


Will McConnell, "'Whirlwind within a Whirlwind': Congreve, Restoration Comedy, and the Play of History"
Andrew Norris, "Locke Reading the Law of Nature: Lockeian Hermeneutics and Political Judgment"
James Noggle, "Skeptical Ataraxia and Selfhood in Pope's Imitations of Horace"
Peter Fosl, "Common Life and Animality in Hume"
David Hill Radcliffe, "The Poetry Professors: Eighteenth-Century Spenserianism and Romantic Concepts of Culture"
Arthur J. Weitzmann, "Scheherezade's Risk: Male Voyeurism and the Female Narrative Gambit"
Judith Dorn, "The Royal Captives, A Fragment of Secret History: Ann Yearsley's 'Unnecessary Curiosity'"
Michel Huysseune, "Re-Assessing the Classical Tradition: Volney's Changing Use of Artistic Images in Scientific Representation"
David Paxman, "Failure as Authority: Poetic Voices and the Muse of Grace in William Cowper's The Task"
Klaus Stierstorfer, "The London Merchant Transmogrified, Or, Barnwell Unbound: John Oxenford's A Day Well Spent (1836)
Father John Panagiotou, "Greek Orthodoxy in the Eighteenth Century: A Probe"
Evelyne Keitel, "Captivity Narratives and the Powers of Horror: Eunice Williams and Mary Jemison, Captives Unredeemed"
Jennifer Georgia, "Etiquette, Ethics, and Aesthetics"


George Rousseau, "Towards a Geriatric Enlightenment"
William Walker, "Addison's Mastery of Locke"
James G. Basker, "Smollett's Racial Consciousness in Roderick Random"
Charles E. Gobin, "Dangerous Persuasions: Correspondence as Presence in Clarissa"
Beth Swan, "Raped by the System: An Account of Clarissa in the Lift of Eighteenth-Century Law"
Sandra Sherman, "The Law, Confinement, and Disruptive Excess in Hays'sThe Victim of Prejudice"
Diana Patterson, "Foliation Jokes in Tristram Shandy"
John L. Mahoney, "The True Story: Poetic Law and License in Johnson's Criticism"
Theodore E. D. Braun: "Chaos, Contingency, and Candide"
Jack Fruchtman, "The Aesthetics of Terror: Burke's Sublime and Helen Maria Williams's Visions of Anti-Eden"
Barbara Widenor Maggs, "Cosmopolitanism in Early Travel Literature: Alexandre de Rhodes in Vietnam"
David Allen, "Greeks, Indians, and the Scottish Presbyterian: Dissident Arguments for Vegetarianism in Enlightenment Scotland"
Steven Raynie, "Intermediality and the 'Necessary Connection' in Fuseli's Remarks on the Writing and Conduct of J. J. Rosseau"
Leslie Ellen Brown, "An Essay Suggesting an Important Application of the Highland Music: Moral Sentiment and the Oeconomic Ode"
John L. Mahoney, "Contemporary Attitudes toward Biography and the Case of W. Jackson Bate"


Alexander Pettit, "Pope and Defoe: Satire and National Regeneration"
Richard Frohock, "Tattoos and Nose Rings: Lionel Wafer's Immersion in Cuna Culture"
James Buickerood, "Two Dissertations Concerning Sense, and the Imagination. With an Essay on Consciousness (1728): A Study in Attribution"
Joseph Bartolomeo, "Plotting the 'Masculine' and 'Feminine' Hero: Joseph Andrews andDavid Simple"
Special Feature edited by Theodore E. D. Braun and John Radner: Death and Dying in the Early Modern Era
Frances Steen, "A Story to Kill For"
Susan Goulding, "'Mourn, Mourn, Ye Muses': Eighteenth-Century Women as Elegists"
Debra Taylor, "Fatal Missteps: Death in Hogarth's Engravings"
James P. Myers, Jr., "Torture, Scalping, and Desecration of the Dead on Pennsylvania's Pre-Revolutionary War Frontier"
Lance Wilcox, "Healing the Lacerated Mind: Samuel Johnson's Strategies of Consolation"
Jack Fruchtman, Jr., "Death and Benjamin Franklin"
Henry L. Fulton, "What Would Hospice Do? The Wretched Death of the Villain Zelucco"
Lisa Berglund, "'Look, My Lord, It Comes': The Approach of Death in the Life of Johnson"
John E. Grant, "The Powers of 'Death' in Blake's Night Thoughts Engravings"
Mary Rose Kasraie, "'Death Wears an Angel's Face': Judith Sargent Murray and the Universalist Way of Death"
Erlis Wickersham, "Death and Transfiguration: Ottilie and Eduard in Goethe'sElective Affinities"
Brijraj Singh, "Female Infanticide and the Raj"
Rosalee Stilwell, "Death and its Rhetoric in The Old Redstone Presbytery: Anecdotes of Scotch-Irish Settlers in Western Pennsylvania"
David Mazella, "'The Very Dogs Licked the Sores of Lazarus': Hobbes and Bramhall's Debate on Free-Will"
John J. Burke, Jr., "'Johnson as Zeus, Boswell as Danae': Que(e)r(y)ing Sex and Gender Roles in Boswell's Life of Johnson"
J. Martin Stafford, "Mandeville's Contemporary Critics"
Gerard Reedy, SJ, "Review Essay: The Philosophy of Edward Stillingfleet, Including his Replies to John Locke, edited and introduced by G. A. J. Rogers, with a Preface by Alan P. F. Sell"


Howard Weinbrot, "The Politics of Samuel Johnson and the Johnson of Politics: An Innocent Looks at a Controversy"
J. T. Scanlan, "Johnson and Pufendorf"
Charles H. Hinnant, "'An Uniform and Tractable Vice': Samuel Johnson and the Transformation of the Passions into Interests"
E. M. Dadlez, "A Common Sense and Point of View"
Kathryn Duncan, "'To Put 'Em in Mind of Home': Piracy and National Identity in Eighteenth-Century Print Culture"
Murray Brown, "Philippe Jacques De Loutherbourgh's A Midsummer Afternoon with a Methodist Preacher: Swedenborg, Wesley, and the Gospel according to Luke"
James Knowlton, "Johann Georg Sulzer and the Montagsklub in Berlin"
Marvin Sterne, "Loyalty Knows no Shame: A Portrait--and its Reproductions--in British-Colonial Conflict"
Special Feature edited by Anne Barbeau Gardiner: James II at the Tercentenary: A Reassessment
Anne Barbeau Gardiner, "Special Feature Introduction"
Andrew Barclay, "James II's 'Catholic' Court"
Paul A. Hopkins, "William Penn and James II: Support and Ambivalence"
Edward Corp, "James II's Reflections on Kingship: 'For my Son, the Prince of Wales'"
Lionel Glassey, "The Provinces During the Interregnum of 1688-1689: King James's Flight and its Consequences"
Anne Barbeau Gardiner, "For the Sake of Liberty of Consciousness: Pierre Bayle's Passionate Defense of James II"
Special Feature edited by Regina James: Executions in the Extended Eighteenth Century
Margaret Reeves, 'History, Fiction, and Political Identity: Heroic Rebellion in Aphra Behn'sLove-Letters Between a Nobleman and his Sister and Oronooko"
Regina James, "Jonathan Swift Bounces A Head"
Robert Mitchell, "The Violence of Sympathy: Adam Smith on Resentment and Executions"


Kathryn R. King, "Effeminate Pacifists and War-Mongering Women: Thoughts on War and Peace in the Long Eighteenth Century"
Susan Mitchell Sommers, "Ebenezer Sibley and the Royal Ark Masons"
Karen Swallow Prior, "Hannah More, the Didactic Tradition, and the Rise of the English Novel"
Jürgen Klein, "Aesthetics of Coldness: The Romantic Scene and a Glimpse at Baudelaire"
Michael Karounos, "The Theory of the Dynamic Erotic"
Sandra Sherman, "Impotence and Capital: The Debate over Imported Beverages in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries"
Alice Mathews, "Eve's 'Sweet Converse': Conversational Patterns in Paradise Lost"
Nicholas Hudson, "'The Alphabet of Nature': Writing as Trope in Early Modern Scientific and Philosophical Discourse"
Chester Chapin, "Samuel Johnson on Education and the English Class Structure"
Chantel Lavoie, "Poems by Eminent Ladies: The Encyclopedic Anthology of 1755"
Katherine Arens, "Castrati and the Masquerade of the Eighteenth Century: Farinelli and Sitwell"
Special Feature edited by Janet E. Aikins: "Meditations on Eaves and Kimpel’s Samuel Richardson: Transactionality among Literary Biography, Fictional Narrative, and the Lives of the Critics
Janet E. Aikins, "Special Feature Introduction"
William H. Epstein, "Remembering the Past: Eaves and Kimpel's Richardson and the Uses of Literary Biography"
Carol Houlihan Flynn, "The Uses and Abuses of Biography: Indendiary Information"
Murray L. Brown, "T. C. Duncan Eaves, Ben D. Kimpel, and the Life: A Brief and Apologetic Memoir:
Catherine N. Parke, "'Definitive,' 'Exhaustive,' and 'Rather Old-Fashioned': Scholarly Biography on the Cusp of Critical Change"
Janet E. Aikins, "Afterword"


William Kolbrener, "'Forced into an Interest': High Church Politics and Feminine Agency in the Works of Mary Astell"
Anja Mueller, "Picturing Aesop's Fables from L'Estrange to Richardson"
Michael Meyer, "Mary Leapor: The Female Body and the Body of her Texts"
Irene Basey Beesemyer, "Crusoe the Isolato: Daniel Defoe Wrestles with Solitude"
Betty Rizzo, "The Devil in Tom Jones"
Brett McInelly, "Domestic and Colonial Space in Humphry Clinker"
Robert B. Craig, "The Glass Armonica: Its Development, Use, and Mis-Use as an Instrument of Social Change in the Eighteenth Century"
R. Christopher Coski, "Condillac's Modernization of Rationalist Language Theory: Evidence, Propositions, and a Newtonian Linguistics"
William Hatzberger, "James Boswell's London Journal, Lord Eglinton, and the Politics of Preferment"
Alan Mackenzie, "Johnson's 'Life of Foucault': A Pastirody"
John J. Burke, Jr., Response Essay: "Jonathan Swift's Crimes Against Humanity: Fact or Fiction?"
Special Feature edited by Jacqueline Vanhoutte: Enlightening the Renaissance
Jacqueline Vanhoutte, "Special Feature Introduction"
Chad Thomas, "Negotiating the Interregnum: The Political Works of Davenant and Tatham"
Miranda Wilson, "Building a Perfect Silence: The Use of Renaissance Architecture in Margaret Cavendish's Bell in Campo"
Marlin E. Blaine, "The Poet's Monument: Assessing the National Literary Tradition from Elizabeth Times to the Restoration Era"
Jack Lynch, "King Lear and the 'Taste of the Age,' 1681-1838"
Jennifer Vaught, "Masculinity and Affect in Shakespeare's Winter's Tale: Men of Feeling from the Renaissance through the Enlightenment"
Elaine Anderson Phillips, "Richardson Reads the Renaissance: The Use of Renaissance Narrative Theory in the Novels and Prefaces"


Allan Ingram, “Steering Towards Sanity: The Compass Points of Madness in Eighteenth-Century Britain”
Jack Lynch,“Forgery as Performance: The Strange Case of George Psalmanazar”
W.Keith Percival,“Some Aspects of Jonathan Swift’s Perspective on Language”
Louis Cellauro,“Architecture and Nature: The Theory of Imitation in Étienne-Louis Boullée’s Essai sur L’Art
Christiane Hertel,“Grotesques—Rocaille—Laocoön: “Remembering Nature” in Winckelmann, Erdmannsdorff, Chodowiecki, and Goethe”
Waltraud Maierhofer,“Too Large for Northern Dwellings”: Self-Image and Portrait in Goethe’s Italian Journey
David Williams,“The French Abolitionist Treatise in the Late Enlightenment: Examples of a Hybrid Genre”
Special Feature edited by Bärbel Czennia, Rakes, Male and Female, in the Literatures of the Long Eighteenth Century
Bärbel Czennia, “Special Feature Introduction”
John O’Neill, “Rambler and Cully: Rochester’s Satire and the Self-Presentation of the Restoration Rake”
Diana Solomon,“Anne Bracegirdle’s Breaches”
Wendy Arons,“Performance, Mobility, and the Domestication of Female Desire in The Belle’s Stratagem
Bärbel Czennia, “The Taming of the Rake: Congreve’s The Way of the World on the German Eighteenth-Century Stage”
Special Feature edited by Henry C. Clark: Ideas and Institutions in an Age of Atlantic Revolution
Henry C. Clark, “Special Feature Introduction”
Rachel Hammersley, “From Constitution Builders to Radical Democrats: Neo-Harringtonians in Eighteenth-Century America and France”
Richard Samuelson,“And Empire Divided by Common Sense: The Paine-Hathaway Argument”
Paul A. Rahe,“Between Trust and Distrust: The Federalist and the Emergence of Modern Republican Constitutionalism”
Katherine Carté Engel, “Bridging the Gap: Religious Community and Declension in Eighteenth-Century Bethlehem, Pennsylvania”
Gail Bossenga, “Markets, The Patrimonial State, and the Origins of the French Revolution”
Review Essay: Margaret Case Croskery, “Alexander Pettit, Editor, Selected Works of Eliza Haywood, Set I, Volumes 1–3, ‘Miscellaneous Writings, 1725–43’”


Special Feature on the Occasion of the Ten-Year Cumulative Index
Scott Paul Gordon, “A New Latitude in the Culture Wars”
Theodore E. D. Braun, “Thinking Outside the Box: The Non-English Speaking World in the First Decade of 1650–1850
J. T. Scanlan, “A Celebration”
Special Feature Edited by E. M. Dadlez and James Mock,
“Hume and the Interaction of Ideas in the Long Eighteenth Century”

Gregory L. Reece, “Hume and the Eternity of the World”
Michael F. Patton, Jr., “Hume and the End of Design”
Darian C. DeBolt, “Hume, Comte, and the Religion of Le Grand Être”
James W. Mock, “David Hume, ‘Of the Standard of Taste,’ and Aesthetic Theory”
E. M. Dadlez, “Dense Insensibility: Humean Vices and Virtues in the Work of Jane Austen”


Cedric D. Reverand II, “JohnDryden:  Personal Concerns of the Impersonal Poet”
Jan Widmayer, “James Thomson and Landscape Iconography: 'Instrumental in Diffusing a General Taste’”
William Gibson, “Smelfungus's Strumpet: Smollett's Iconoclastic Reading of the Medici Venus inTravels through Italy and France
Alexander S. Gourlay, “On Allusion, Narrative, and Annunciation in Hogarth's A Harlot's Progress
Robert G. Dryden, “Luck be a Lady Tonight: Jane Austen's Precarious Idealization of Naval Heroes in Persuasion
Frieda Koeninger, “Charles IV of Spain: Opposing Perspectives on the Cuckolded King and His Long-Suffering Queen”
Darius Spieth, “Michel Rigo and Bonaparte's Egyptian Campaign (1798–1801): Portraits of the Divan in Cairo”
Special Feature edited by Ken Simpson: Reading Bunyan's Readers:  New Essays on the Reception of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress
Isabel Hofmeyr, “The Pilgrim's Progress as World Literature: John Bunyan and George Simeon Mwase in Nyasaland”
Arlette Zinck and Sylvia Brown, “The Pilgrim's Progress Among Aboriginal Canadians: Missionary Translation of Bunyan into Cree and Inuktitut”
Mary Burke, “‘Of that Rank that is Meanest and Most Despised of All’: Victorian Romany Studies and the Recovery of John Bunyan's Gypsy Origins”
H. Clark Maddux, “Audience and the Layered Art of Method in John Bunyan's The Life and Death of Mr. Badman and The Pilgrim's Progress
Calvin M. Peterson, “From Doctrine to Narrative and Back in The Pilgrim's Progress


William J. Burling, “‘Aaron's Serpent’: The Ideology of the ‘Master Passion’ in English Serious Drama, 1660–1800”
Brother Christopher Paul SSF, “Anne the Last and George the First: Händel and the Politics of Dynastic Succession”
Elaine M. McGirr, “A Question of Faith: Behn’s Engagement with the Rhetoric of 1688”
Margo Collins, “Feminine Identity in Eliza Haywood’s The Wife and The Husband”
Brigitte Glaser, “From the Center to the Periphery: The Changing Role of Dress in the Eighteenth-Century Novel”
Matthew Binney, “The Justice of Tom Jones: A Reevaluation of Henry Fielding's Moral Theory”
Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz, “Some Further Thoughts on ‘Organic Georgics,’ Or, The Politics and Poetics of Johnson’s Manure”
Randolph Runyon, “Montesquieu’s Persian Chain Letters: A New Solution to the Riddle”
Research Report: Isobel Grundy, Susan Brown, and Patricia Clements, “ORLANDO: The Marriage of Literary History and Humanities Computing”
Special Feature edited by Anne Barbeau Gardiner: Jacobite Travelers and Fellow-Travelers
Neil Guthrie, “‘A Polish Lady’: The Art of the Jacobite Print”
Edward Corp, “From the Court to the Colonies: Jacobites over the Water”
Marsha Keith Schuchard, “Jacobites and Freemasons in Sweden: Esoteric Intelligence and Esoteric Politics”


Steven Minuk, “‘The Sincere Hand and Faithful Eye of Marvell’s Last Instructions to a Painter”
Deborah Needleman Armintor, “‘From This Time, I Shall Survey Myself in the Glass with a Sort of
Philosophical Pleasure’: Newton and Narcissism in Sir Isaac Newton’s Philosophy Explain’d for the Use of the Ladies"
Kenneth Chong, “Faith and Reason: Warning the Reader in The Pilgrim’s Progress
Katherine O’Donnell, “Edmund Burke, Cuirteanna Éigse, and Literary Clubs”
Arnd Bohm, “Unnatural Conjugation in Tristram Shandy, Book VII”
Frederick S. Frank, “A Concordance of Bosoms: Reconstructing Lewis’s Monk
Special Feature edited by Philip Smallwood: Critical Voices: Humor, Irony, and Pasion in the Literary Critics of the Long Eighteenth Century
Tom Mason, “Abraham Cowley’s Amiability”
David Roberts, “‘Almost Impossible in Praise’: Dedicatory Criticism in English Dramatic Texts of the Seventeenth Century”
Cedric D. Reverand II, “The Epic Dryden never Wrote”
Min Wild, “‘The Bottom of All Things’: Christopher Smart’s Old Crone of Criticism”
Philip Smallwood, “Voice and laughter in Johnson's Criticism”
Adam Rounce, “Joseph Warton’s Enmthusiasms”


Nancy Cox and Karin Dannehl, “Colors in Trade: The Palette of the Goods and Commodities of Early-Modern England”
Yu Liu, “The Catalyst for Change: Chinese Sharawadgi and English Horticultural Naturalism”
Rosamaria Loretelli, “David Hume's Reader-Response Narratology: A New Perspective on the Rise of the Novel”
Deborah Kennedy, “British Portraits of Women Reading”
Lisa Moody, “Edmond Hoyle’s Treatises on Whist: Literary Piracy in the Eighteenth Century”
Roger D. Lund, “‘The Filigree Game’: Imitation and Mock-Form in Pope's Pastorals
Special Feature edited by Peter Sabor : Horace Walpole: Beyond The Castle of Otranto
George E. Haggerty, “Horace Walpole and Horace Mann: Parties and Politics"
Stephen Clarke, “Horace Walpole’s Architectural Taste”
Heinz-Joachim Müllenbrock, Horace Walpole’s Place in the Historiography of the English Landscape Garden”
Earle Havens, ‘Books, Antiquity, and Virtu’: Horace Walpole’s Antiquarian Book Collecting”
Marcie Frank, Horace Walpole’s Theatricality”
Larua Baudot, “A Voyage of Un-Discovery: Deciphering Horace Walpole’s Hieroglyphic Tales



Eirwen E. C. Nicholson, “‘Catching at Words,’ Or, Why to Drop ‘Cartoon’”
Anne F. Widmayer, “Scandalous Will, Or, Congreve’s Library and Female Power
Paige Reynolds, “Spiritual Sovereignty and the Meaning of Marriage: Mary Astell and John Milton”
Emily Smith, “‘I would Write, too, if he would Bring me a Pen, Ink and Paper’: Katherine Evans, Sarah Chevers, and the Publication of Pain”
Norbert Col, “Burke’s Patriotic Self-Suggestion”
E. Joe Johnson, “Can Women and Men Be Friends? Writings on Friendship in France’s Ancien Régime and C. B. Fagan’s Lamitié rivale de l’amour
Theodore E. D. Braun, “Le Franc de Pompignan Discovers Muscularity”
Johann J. K. Reusch, “The Whale-Propelled Vessel and Other Leaps of Imagination as Autobiographical Metaphors in Adelbert von Chamisso’s Travel Diary of the 1815–1818 Romanzoff Expedition”
Robert G. Dryden, “Did Jane Know Jack Tar? Assessing the Significance of Austen’s Other Navy”
Special Feature edited by Brycchan Carey: Olaudah Equiano: African or American?
Sarah Brophy, “Olaudah Equiano, Autobiography, and Ideas of Culture”
Angelo Costanzo, “Neither a Saint, a Hero, nor a Tyrant”
Tara Czechowski, “‘Sickness among the Slaves’: Undermining Pathologies of the African in Olaudah Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative
Shaun Regan, “Adorning the Plainness of Truth: Equiano and the Art of Narrative”


Ryan J. Stark, “Paradise Lost as Incomplete Argument”
Laura Thomason Wood, “‘An Answer from Horace’: Ambiguity and Paradox in Pope’s Imitation of Satire 2.1”
Patrick Spedding, “Eliza Haywood at the Sign of Fame”
Stephen Clarke, “‘All Ardour, All Intrepidity’: William Beckford at the Strawberry Hill Sale”
Brijraj Singh, “Patriotism and Its Discontents: The Poetry of Sir John Malcolm”
Julia Kark Callander, “‘Attended by a Whole Nation’: The Americas in The Female American
Sophie Bourgault, “Or Ancients and Moderns: The Sociopolitical Significance of Rousseau’s Musical Caricatures”
Special Feature edited by Mark A. Pedreiera: Metaphor in the Poetry and Criticism of the Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century
Greg Clingham, “Translating Memory: Dryden, Oldham, and Friendship”
Jaclyn Geller, “A Lock without a Key: Satiric Metaphor in Samuel Butler’s Hudibras
David Venturo, “Swift’s Style, the Nakedness of the Houyhnhnms, and the Deceits of Rhetoric”
Philip Smallwood, “Not the History of Ideas: Laughter, Music, and Metaphor in Pope’s Definition of Criticism”
Research Methods Update: David Hill Radcliffe on the Road with Digital Humanities



Beverly Jerold, “Dilettante and Amateur: Our Evolving Language”
Richard Sharp, “Aspects of High Churchmanship in Eighteenth-Century England: Charles Wheatly (1686–1742) and
the Rational Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer
James E. Evans, “‘The Splendour of our Golden Age’: The Duchess of Mazarin in Late Stuart England”
Susan Lydon, “Svage Europeans and Gentlemanly Savages: Capitalism and Blurred Identity in Robinson Crusoe

Keely McCarthy, “The Problem of Cultural Representation in Gulliver’s Travels
James E. May, “Contemporary Reception and Reputation of Edward Young’s Love of Fame
Al Coppola, “The Secret History of Eliza Haywood’s Works: The Early Novel and the Book Trade”
Frieda Koeninger, “Female, French, and Alone: The Case of Luisa de Dufressi before the Mexican Inquisition during the
Times of Viceroy Bernardo de Gálvez (Hero of the Battle of Baton Rouge and Other Notable Feats)”
James J. Kirschke and Scott Grapin, “From Colonist to Revolutionary: John Adams (1735–1826)
Sharon Worley, “Philipp Otto Runge and the Semiotic Language of Nature and Patriotism”
Special Feature edited by Theodore E. D. Braun: The Catholic Enlightenment
Renee Gutiérrez, “Pedro de Peralta and the Catholic Enlightenment: Heaven to the Heavens and Back”
Frédéric Conrod, “Imaginary Itineraries to the Catholic South: From Voltaire’s Iberian Desolation to Sade’s Inverted Rosary”
Elizabeth Franklin Lewis, “Enlightenment Politics and Catholic Charity in Spain: Bernardo Ward’s Obra pia and Proyecto económico
Robert J. Frail, “French Catholic Writers and Enlightenment Contributors to the Encyclopédie
Ulrich L. Lehner, “Enlightened Monasticism: Some Examples from the Holy Roman Empire”
Jeffrey D. Burson, “Reassessing the Role of the Abbé in Enlightenment Paris”



A. G. Monaco, “Loyalty Oaths: A Reminder from the Enlightenment”
Florian Vauleon, “Philosophizing the Game: The Morals of Chess in Diderot’s Rameau’s Nephew
Ashley Marshall, “Swift and Temple”
Murray L. Brown, “Marketing the ‘Good Man’: Sir Charles Grandison and the Clementinas”
Norbert Col, “Burke’s Target in A Vindication of Natural Society: From Bolingbroke to ‘this sort of Writers,’ or an Early Burkean Defense of Church and State”
Special Feature Edited by Jessika Wichner: Unorthodox Transportation and the Enlightenment
Dorit Engster, “The Paddle Wheel Boat: A Technical Invention of Late Antiquity”
Frieda Koeninger, “Seafaring Nuns: The Journey of Six Capuchin Sisters from Toledo to Mexico City, 1665”
Melvin Pena, “Cosmopolitan Friendship in Boswell’s Journal of a Tour to Corsica
Jessika Wichner, “Winter Travelers: Captain Jones’s Treatise on Skating



Dawn Morgan, “Empirical Testing and Novelistic Becoming: Joseph Glanvill’s Evidence Concerning Witches and their Familiars
Matthew Binney, “The ‘New’ Nature in the Language of Travel: Domingo Navarrete’s and John Locke’s Natural Law Rhetoric”
John J. Burke Jr., “Caricaturing the Vanity of Human Prayers in Juvenal, Dryden, and Johnson: The Ups and Downs of Poetic Imitation”
Tom Jones, “Berkeley and the Value of the Arts”
Mary Ann Rooks, “‘My Apologies for this Inconvenient Abducton’: Rakish Reformation in Sarah Fielding’s History of Ophelia
John Pruitt, “Robert Dodsley: Eighteenth-Century Play Collector and Theater Historian”
Melissa Smith, “Stewarding Affective Landscapes in Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho
Zebulun Q. Weeks, “John Adams and the Balance”
A. G. Monaco, “The American Pioneer Farmer: It Is Time to Kill the Myth”
Special Feature edited by Michael Rotenberg-Schwarz:  On Sacred Space
Hilary Teynor Donatini, “The Holy House of Loreto: Politics and Idolatry in the Long Eighteenth Century”
Chris Mounsey, “A True-Born English Sacred Space: Multiple Metaphors of Hawksmoor’s Steeples in Early Eighteenth-Century London”
William Stargard, “Display and Contemplation of Clarissan Spirituality: Bernard Vittone at Santa Chiara in Turin”
Michael Mulryan, “Parisian Sacred Space in L.-S. Mercier’s Tableau de Paris
Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz, “Religious Exchanges: Solomon’s Temple, Holy Land Travel, and a Georgics of Sacred Space in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century English Writing”



Heidi Laudien, “Birthing the Poet: Elizabeth Singer Rowe and the Athenian Mercury
Brett C. McInelly, “Fighting with Fire: Anti-Methodist Exaggeration and Samuel Foote and William Hogarth”
John Knapp, “Akenside’s Hymn to the Naiads and the Turn from the Ode”
Juliette Paul, “Satanic Devotions: The Prayers of Robert Lovelace in Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa
Robert G. Walker, “Fugitive Allusions in Boswell in Search of a Wife , or The Charming Mr. Boswell”
Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz, “Religious Exchanges: Solomon’s Temple, Holy Land Travel, and a Georgics of Sacred Space in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century English Writing”
First part of a two-part Special Feature: “Paper, Ink, and Achievement: Gabriel Hornstein”
J. T. Scanlan, “Three Bibliopoles”
Cedric D. Reverand II, “Dunciad: Pope’s Weird Revenge”
Special Feature edited by Samara Anne Cahill: Sustaining the Eighteenth Century
Samara Anne Cahill, “Sustaining the Eighteenth Century?”
Malcolm Jack, “The Arabian Nights and the Oreintal Tale: Sustainable Enlightenment Texts”
Erin Drew, “‘Iron War’ as ‘Daily Care’: Sustainability and the Dialectic of Care in Dryden’s Georgics
Alexandra Cook, “An Eighteenth-Century Plea for Sustainabile Forestry: Ostervald’s Description des montages & vallées du pays de Neuchâtel (1764)”
Marion Pareja, Sheri Li Ong, Michelle Merrill, and Samara Anne Cahill, “‘Go not far to dine’: Pedagogical Approaches to Sustainable Consumption in the Eighteenth-Century Studies Classroom and Beyond”
Kevin L. Cope, “Permanent Markers: The Monumental, the Mobile, and the Sustainable in Enlightened Eras”
Reearch Report: James E. May, “Archiving The Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer

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