Topics Covered by 1650-1850


1650-1850 is in the first instance a journal about the artful presentation of ideas.
It publishes essays from a wide range of academic disciplines--literature (both in
English and other languages), philosophy, art history, history, religion, and science,
to name but a few--but it is not a "technical" publication for these fields. For example,
1650-1850 would be a suitable outlet for a discussion of the picaresque quality of
George Berkeley's philosophical dialogues or for comments on portraits of Restoration
divines, but it would not be the best vehicle for a debate over Berkeley's theories about
"secondary qualities of objects" or for a study of the politics of the early-modern English
church. 1650-1850 is very often an interdisciplinary journal; its emphasis on the
aesthetic manifestations and applications of ideas encourages studies that move between
the arts and the sciences--between the "hard" and the "humane" disciplines. 1650-1850
is also open to more specialized or particular studies that match up with the general
themes and goals of the journal. The editors of 1650-1850 encourage proposals for
"special features" that bring together five to seven essays on focused themes. The
historical range of the journal is from the Interregnum to the end of the first
generation of Romantic writers (as measured in the terms of English history; studies
of works, events, or ideas in other nations that fall within these time limits are, of
course, welcome). If you would like to propose an essay, review, or feature for
1650-1850, please click here for information on contributing to our journal.


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